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Signal Festival is a radical showcase of talent and opportunity for Swindon's young people 11 - 25. Signal cultivates art, supports artists and enriches audiences. Let's Celebrate Together.

A Space for Creativity

22nd July - 3rd August 2024

woman creating and composing music


Signal aims to build creativity in Swindon and give young people the necessary skills and resources. We want young artists and enthusiasts to feel like they can succeed artistically in their hometown and flourish creatively. Our programme is delivered by a wide range of professional artists, giving you a chance to try new art forms, discover your talents and develop your existing skills. Beginners and experienced all welcome!

What's on
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We firmly believe that any young person interested in art is just as capable of artistic achievement as anybody else. The exhibitions and showcases included in our program are made with the aim to inspire budding artists and individuals who want to pursue art as a future career. Careers events are purposely included to guide young people in the right direction towards their job goals in the arts industries. Our team of young producers hope that the creation of the festival will give others hope that they can do anything they put their mind to.

About us
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We want to be able to highlight and showcase all talent that Swindon has to offer, both professional and amateur; everyone deserves a platform in which they can show the public what they can do!

Get involved

Signal Festival in numbers

Signal Festival thrives on collaboration.
We couldn't bring it to life without the incredible support of our team and partners.

Historic England Photography Workshop

Here & Now: Historic England Photography Workshop

Develop your photography skills with Historic England’s Lead Photographer, James Davies.

Tickets £2 | Age 16 - 25

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Theatre Career Talk with Get Into Theatre

Get into Theatre & Film

Swindon's first ever theatre and film careers event hosted by Get into Theatre.

Tickets £2 | Age 14 - 25

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Signal Festival Opening Showcase

This is Signal! - Opening Showcase

The launch of Swindon’s first Signal Festival. Join us to celebrate the young artists making work in our town. 

SOLD OUT | All ages welcome

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Town Gardens Takeover

Town Gardens Takeover

An entire day of pop-up performances and creative arts workshops.

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“Showing everyone what Swindon has to offer!”

There’s the need to show everyone exactly what Swindon has to offer because a worrying amount of people (particularly young people) are unaware of what is happening in the local art scene and are of the belief that you need to leave town in order to explore the arts. Signal Festival was created to prove those assumptions wrong.

Clarissa Boyce-Johnson - Young Producer

“I'm excited to be part of the team!”

I’m most looking forward to the development and wider reaches of the festival as it grows over the next few years. I’m excited to be a part of a team that is going to be the spark for young people’s artistic journeys.

Arlo Carter - Young Producer

“Showcase new talent that is ready to bloom!”

I look forward to seeing what new ideas spring up and watching new artists come forward, inspired about what they see.

Riley Mathers - Young Producer

“Swindon is home”

Swindon is home to so many incredible artists who deserve to be celebrated and all artists should feel confident and secure in calling Swindon home, knowing that it has a place for them.

Erin Fletcher - Young Producer

“Beginning of a new chapter”

Signal is important because it marks the beginning of a new chapter for Swindon. Bringing all the local companies together and highlighting all the opportunities that are present in Swindon feels like a fresh start for local young creatives.

Morgan Thomas - Young Producer